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What is Yoga Stoned?

Yoga stoned combines the ancient practices for Yoga Nidra and ancient herbal medicine for a modern day practice!  Yoga stoned Is taking Yoga Nidra a step farther and incorporating other elements for your body, mind and spirit.   One of the many benefits of yoga Nidra is homeostasis within the body.  Homeostasis within the body can also be achieved when one’s endocannabinoid deficiencies are addressed. 

The reason for yoga stoned is not to get so “high” and escape reality but to medicate your body to a homeostatic state with a wide spectrum of cannabinoids to address the individuals underlying endocannabinoid Deficiency.  The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is an important regulator of homeostasis within the human body.   There are many ways to address one’s endocannabioid deficiency’s and many ways to medicate.  Each of us is a unique individual and will need to find what works best for them in their body. 

Medicating the body to a homeostatic state with a full spectrum of cannabinoids, varying flavonoids and terpenes.    REMEMBER a homeostatic state will vary for each individual, for we are all unique with variances in our ECS.  One must take the time and sit with themselves prior to medicating to determine what is problematic within the body; what’s bothering them at that moment with their mind, body and spirit.  When mindfully medicating for a yoga stoned session one should NOT consume too much of any one cannabinoid.  You’re attempting to achieve a more homeostatic state within the body prior to the yoga Nidra experience.   Those areas / issues that were problematic within your body (that you noticed prior to medicating) are now more in balance, you're more relaxed and more comfortable than you were prior to medicating.  

Once medicated to the point you feel homeostatic within your body and are in a space where you may relax, comfortable and  undisturbed.  Arrange you body in a comfortable position, on a yoga mat, in bed, in a comfortable chair or wherever you are most physically comfortable.  If you intend to lie on your back, place some elevation under you head so your chin is parallel to the floor/chest (a pillow or rolled blanket/towel).   Some elevation under the knees to take the stress off the low back will also be helpful (pillows or place the legs up on a chair).   Then you will be guided thru a mindful series of breath and body awareness techniques that allow for the effortless disengagement of the thinking mind.  Allowing for your body, mind and spirit to achieve a greater since balance entering the no stress zone.

Yoga Nidra is so helpful for many conditions that Niki has faced but needed something more so that I could experience all the amazing benefits.  This is how Yoga Stoned was born.  To address the immediate issues (within one's ECS) so that one can experience comfortably the bliss that occurs from a yoga Nidra experience.  

When Niki began the practice of Yoga Stoned,  it was physically uncomfortable for me to lie in a position for 30-45 mins due to overwhelming pain.  Niki was focused on the experience of pain unable to fully experience all the benefits of Yoga Nidra at that time due to physical issues / limitations.   Niki needed to address her pain issues, having multiple chronic pain issues stemming from various conditions and post operative pain related complications.     Over time with consistent effort this practice has allowed Niki to change her relationship with pain.   Now sharing with others these profoundly transformative practices for the mind, body and spirit. 



The name Yoga Stoned is because some say Yoga Nidra leaves you feeling "stoned" even if you had NOT previously medicated, due the extreme relaxation that occurs from the process of Yoga Nidra.  When a dear yoga friend/yoga teacher asked Niki if she had ever been "Yoga Stoned", she knew she had to know more.  Two things Niki hold's so dear in her heart; yoga and cannabis for the healing they have given her body, mind and spirit.    That conversation and Niki's medical necessity for addressing her deficiency's within her ECS is how Yoga Stoned with Love and Light Everywhere was started.  

Download a YOGA STONED experience!  Practice after you have medicated your body, are comfortable and undisturbed.  (*NEVER do Yoga Stoned or Yoga Nidra while driving or operating a vehicle.*)



Yoga Stoned

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