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What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is a guided sleep based meditation practice that progressively moves thru brainwave states allowing for the effortless disengagement of the thinking mind.    Yoga Nidra translates to english as “sleep of the yogi”. 

During a Yoga Nidra experience you are guided thru a meditation while you are resting comfortably allowing you to find inner bliss. Yoga Nidra allows the body & mind to engage in a deep states of self healing and restoration.  Through a series of breath and body awareness techniques, you are guided to enter the space between waking and sleeping. Intentions for personal transformation are thoughtfully placed though out the session. Yoga Nidra’s deep healing benefits effect multiple dimensions of ones being; allowing for healing on the emotional and mental levels. 

Anyone can do yoga Nidra.  You can't do it wrong! Follow the directions while you are comfortable either lying down or in a chair and warm so you can enter the no stress zone!  

-Some benefits of Yoga Nidra-

- Increased/Improved sleep and a more restful sleep 

- Yoga Nidra session is said to be equivalent to 3+ hours of sleep 

- Calms the Nervous System balancing excessive stress 

- Lowers blood pressure and Cholesterol 

- Slows the aging Process  

With the practice of Yoga Nidra the Body naturally increases Production of



- Melatonin 

- Dopamine

- Serotonin

- Oxytocin

- Endorphins

- Human Growth Hormone


-Yoga Nidra is Especially Effective for-

- Stress and Inflammation related conditions

- Changing the relationship with pain 

- Stress, Insomnia and Burnout

- Depression and Anxiety

- Habits and Addictions 
-Trauma and PTSD

- Diabetes Type II

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