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Cannabis Recipes for Mindful Medicating

 Infusion Method for combining FECO oils and Concentrates.  


Combined Colombian Haze solvent-less hash and 2 syringes of Euphoria FECO oil. (example)

- Be sure to  mark your jar to identify its individual contents.  - 


For the calculations portion I use an example of an infusion I created with Colombian Haze solvent-less hash and 2 syringes of Euphoria FECO oil.  This is just an example and the calculations will be dependent on the products that you start working with.  I determine the calculations prior to the infusion process so that I can determine the volume of oil needed.  The volume of oil will vary dependent on desired end result; how strong you would like this infusion to be and what i will be used for.  

1- Place concentrates in the freezer.  (I prefer not to use live resin's for I am not certain all the terpens are preserved during the infusion process) 

2- Measure the desired amount of oil and place in your choice in mason jar ( the jar needs to have a tight sealing lid that can accommodate a  boiling water bath.   For the highest absorption rate use an oil with a high saturated fat content oil I would recommend; coconut oil, MCT, olive oil, avocado oil, grass fed butter or ghee (if dairy is apart of your diet and you can digest it)).

3- Boil water in kettle or separate pot (this water will be used in multiple areas of the infusion process and through out the course of the infusion time; so keep warm). 

4-Place thermometer in your pan.  (I use a candy making thermometer as well as a digital probe thermometer on the bottom of the pan.)


5- Place a towel or wash cloth at bottom of a pan that will allow for enough room for water to cover the oil volume in the jar.   Although you do not want your mason jar covered by water. (Use a towel that your don't care if it get damaged for some reason)

6- Place some boiled water in a mug or measuring cup then place your FECO syringes in that water after it has cooled a bit from boiling.  Let sit in water for a couple of minutes to allow the FECO to become more viscous. 

7- When you take the FECO out of the  warm water be sure to dry the syringe off. (You don't want water to drop into the jar)

8- Place the FECO in to the measured oil that is in your jar.  

9- Take the concentrate out of the freezer and place in the oil in the mason jar.

10- Tie a string around the top of the closed mason jar; attach the string to the pots handle.  (I do this for to make it harder for the jars to tip over)

11- With the jars in the pan and string around the jar.  Pour some of the boiled water into the pan so that the liquid in the jars is at least covered by water but the lid is not covered by water.    

12-Turn your stove/heat source on to a medium temperature. (You will need to determine this based on the stove/ heat source and the thermometer temperature reading of your pan)  

13-Start the timer for two hours once the temperature has reached 200 degrees (F).  Ideally the temperature of the infusion should be around 212 degrees (F) but under 220 degrees (F). (set an alert fir 220 degrees (F), if you are using a digital thermometer)

14-If you need additional water in your pot during the duration of the infusion,  use some of that additional hot water that was boiled earlier or use hot water from the tap.  Do NOT ever put cold water into your pot while infusing.  (This could cause your jars to crack)

15- The water level will drop during the two hour infusion process.  Add some of the previously boiled water to pot to increase the water level in the infusing pot. (The oil level should be under the water line but the lid of the jar should not be submerged)

16- After the 2 hour decarboxylation/infusion process take the pot off the heat source and let the jars cool.  Now you have infused oil that is now ready to use.  

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