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More About Niki

Niki Jones is a South Side Chicago native who is a passionate wellness professional.  After many years of chronic illness, coupled with tragic grief, combined with the experience of domestic abuse every chronic condition Niki was dealing with became worsened.  All the prescription medications made the situation worst and almost ended her life.  


Niki knew she wanted more out of life, that she was left questioning.  Wanting to be better; to be more than all those diagnosis over the years.  Niki wanted to be well; to feel whole, to not feel broken inside.  


This spawned an extensive personal wellness journey for Niki.  One day this journey lead her into a local yoga studio.  This time Niki's experience with yoga was very different from her first yoga class that she had taken while in University.  When living in Philadelphia pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Textile design at what is now known as Jefferson (formally know as Philadelphia University). 


The yoga journey continued leading Niki to an Ashram in Florida with a living yoga master from India.  Hearing the Guru speak of things that Niki had been saying or believed in just different vernacular spawned Niki's love for an ancient kundalini / tantra lineage.   Nik’s time learning about these transformative practices, ancient principles and teachings at the Amrit Yoga Institute in Salt Springs, Florida compelled her to share these valuable teachings with others. 


Continuously experiencing the self healing practices that she teaches. Niki imparts teachings of ancient wisdom and modern day thoughts to assist others on their individual health and wellness journeys.    Niki’s passion for sharing these practices comes from a deeply personal place.    Having experienced herself the possibility of self healing and transformation with the practices she teaches.  


Niki’s desire to share lead her to create Love and Light Everywhere.  Which comes from a place of love; love of self and others. Holding space for others so that, they too may experience these profound healing practices with Love and Light Everywhere.  Niki experienced extreme darkness but thought the love of self, eventually experienced the light that she now can see extends everywhere.  

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